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When you hire Taylor'd Restorations You can stop worrying

We understand that itʼs not just a house; itʼs your home. You can rest assured that your space will be always be treated with respect and that youʼre getting your moneyʼs worth.

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Steve Taylor brings over 20 years of restoration and remodeling experience to your project. After returning home from a tour of duty with the 101st Airborne, US Army, he successfully ran his familyʼs business for 18 years, specializing in remodeling bathrooms and refinishing bath fixtures. From there he moved on to working for local restoration companies, helping families restore their homes after fires or natural disasters struck.

During his time in the field, successfully running his own business and working for others, Steve has learned what it takes to be an average company and what it takes to be an outstanding company. His focus is on providing his customers with the the best service possible through excellent communication, on-site job management, attention to detail, and fair and honest pricing.

So stop worrying and start seeing your dreams become reality. Call Taylorʼd Restorations for a free estimate. Youʼll be glad you did.

A few words

Recently, a businessman was overheard to remark to Steve Taylor, “You must be happy now that the weather is getting colder. Everyoneʼs pipes will be bursting!”

He was joking, of course, but Steve was serious when he replied, “I am NOT happy that peopleʼs pipes are bursting and flooding their homes, or that the holiday season brings a rise in house fires. This stuff happens. We can do our best to educate people and try to prevent accidents, but there will always be misfortunes like these, at all times of the year.

What I AM happy about is that my team and I know what to do to get peopleʼs lives back in order as quickly as possible after a fire, flood, or collision. Thatʼs when people need someone who understands what theyʼre going through, and Iʼm honored to be able to help them.”

So donʼt call just anyone. Taylorʼd Restorations is committed to helping you through stressful times, and we have the expertise and the understanding you need.